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Advanced PMU & microblading courses
Beginner PMU & microblading courses
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Thrive Superblends
Advanced PMU & microblading courses
Beginner PMU & microblading courses
MC Cosmetics
Goldeneye pigments

Permanent Makeup Courses & Microblading Courses

  • You can start your microblading or PMU training for just £399
  • For just £399 your Distance Learning Day will give you the theory you need along with a practice kit to get started. Click here to get your starter kit!
  • One of the UK's leading Micropigmentation & Beauty Academies
  • The only UK Academy offering 6 VTCT Level 4 Courses
  • Close Supervision, Award Winning Training & Models Provided
  • Beginners & Masterclasses Available
  • No Previous Experience Required with us
  • All Prices Include Kits, Machines (where applicable) & VAT

A career in Permanent Makeup or Microblading can earn you £40,000 with only 2 clients a week on flexible hours.

No matter what job you're currently in, there is a course for you at The Clinical Academy - No prior experience required.

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Why should I choose The Clinical Academy

  • We love what we do and we want to see you succeed
  • Our Award Winning trainers deliver quality lesson plans in a clinical environment
  • Our aftercare policy lets you re-visit after your original training for FREE refreshers, shadowing or assisting live clinics
  • We are always a phone call away
  • We have courses to work around your schedule including weekends & evenings
  • We offer FREE tips & advice workshops for our students
Microblading Courses at The Clinical Academy

The Clinical Academy Microblading Courses

up to Level 4 (manual)

Available to book today:Microblading up to Level 4 and ABT accredited, Conversion Courses, Ombre Brow, Powder Brow, Hairstrokes Microblading, Refresher Training, 1:1 Training, Advanced Learner Loans

From £2,100

Where are our training centres?

The Clinical Academy in Portsmouth, Hampshire

Train at the prestigious Lakeside Campus near Portsmouth. Leading training facilities with a hotel on campus, free parking & a 10 minute walk from the train station.

The Clinical Academy at West Thames College

We have fabulous training rooms at West Thames College where you can enjoy state of the art facilities & great transport links for bus, train & tube.

The Clinical Academy in Hertfordshire

Join us at this quality training centre just 20 mins by train/car outside of north London. Free parking & only a 5 minute walk from the station.

The Clinical Academy in Merseyside

Only a 2 minute drive from the M6 & close to the M62 to train in our beautiful centre, between Manchester & Liverpool.

Need help? Call our experienced trainers on 0333 777 7689

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Permanent makeup uses a digital machine or microblade to implant pigment into the skin.
  • With machine (otherwise know as the digital version) the pigment is implant through a needle and the needle speed is driven by electricity.
  • A microblade is a handheld tool used to implant pigment
  • Most skins can be treated although not all skins can be treated using a microblade
  • This treatment can last 1-5 years as it will fade, depending on many factors – skin type, exposure to sun, skin care, etc.
  • PMU using a digital machine gives you more scope to advance your skills, add to your training and grow your business as you can use a machine on brows, lips, liner, scalp & body areas (for medical).
  • Microblading is more affordable as there is no outlay for a machine
  • You can develop your business and skills into scalp pigmentation, medical tattooing for breast reconstruction, cosmetic tattoo correction and removal procedures and scar relaxation.

At The Clinical Academy we provide you with 'modular' training. Pick a course specific for your need, either ABT accredited or VTCT/CPD qualified, and complete that in a shorter time frame. Your certificate will demonstrate your learning and you’ll be able to get your insurance. Training with us, you can cherry pick which treatments you want to learn about.

  • If you are a therapist or technician that is excited to offer a form of micro pigmentation, this is a more cost effective way of getting into semi-permanent makeup. There are lower set up fees, and no machine outlays.
  • The technician uses a hand held blade (in the form of needles) to open the skin and implant pigment into the selected and agreed shape. This then gives a bespoke fullness and shape.
  • Not for all skin types – we will teach you how to advise your future clients.
  • Customers need 2-3 treatments.
  • Microblading lasts about 6-12 months before needing a maintenance treatment to keep fresh.

Semi permanent make up or permanent makeup is the use of a machine or microblade to implant pigment/ink into the skin to improve appearance and enhance shape & colour. Permanent make up pigments fade as opposed to tattoo ink which is longer lasting.

For those ready to start training and offering this as a treatment, no previous experience is required.  At The Clinical Academy, our training facility is experienced in every part of the treatment process and can support you during your training and long after. If you are thinking of training to be able to offer this treatment at your clinic, it really is worth giving our experts a no-obligation call to discuss your options.

No - we teach to Level 3 and 4 without any prior experience in the industry.

At The Clinical Academy we provide you with 'modular' training. Pick a course specific for your need, either ABT or VTCT accredited, and complete that in a shorter time frame. Your certificate will demonstrate your learning and you’ll be able to get your insurance. Training with us, you can focus on one treatment within a module.

A National Vocational Qualification can be awarded by lots of different governing bodies: VTCT, C&G, CIBTAC, ITEC, etc, however the grades at which these bodies certificate should be the same. For example a VTCT NVQ Level 3 should be virtually identical to a City and Guilds Level 3.

Not all courses or training academies are endorsed by bodies who will provide recognised certificates but we are. Beware if you attend a training course and receive a certificate from the training company that is not endorsed by one of the industry standard bodies as this will not be recognised by an insurer.

That’s where we come in. We can discuss what you’re looking to do, in what type of premises (salon, spa, from home), advise you on courses we offer, and pricing so that you know how quickly you could get a return on the course investment.

Qualifications range from Level 1 to a Level 4. We uniquely offer up to Level 4 Microblading, Micropigmentation, Medical Needling, Laser/IPL, PRP and Meso Injectables. Qualifications are usually required for two reasons: To demonstrate prior learning to employers and clients as reassurance of your ability, and to enable you to get insurance.

It is advisable to gain a nationally recognised vocational qualification before practicing professionally. This is reassurance for you personally that you have all the knowledge you require to carry out a treatment safely, and that you are supported by an insurer should anything go wrong.

Give us a call, we will tell you what course is right for you. Then, when you are ready, only pay a deposit. You can pay the rest 2 weeks before your course starts.

We don’t offer credit but we do offer a budget plan which works really well for our students and we help them to plan their course start and how much they can pay per month. Alternatively, we work with a London college which offers Advanced Learner Loans. It is possible for you to apply for a loan but be aware the learning will be carried out in West London so you would need to be able to travel and stay in that area.

Charlie | Permanent Make-Up

“I went to the Clinical Academy for Semi-Permanent Makeup. I am now studying for my Level 4 Micropigmentation and I am really excited for my future career. The TCA team put everything in an easy-to-understand way and were really patient. I’m so glad I chose the Clinical Academy.”

Mirium | Permanent Make-Up

“I would like to personally thank Naomi for all of her help and advice. I was also extremely impressed with the Clinical Academy and all of the staff, it’s a beautiful environment and extremely professional... something they should be very proud of. I can’t wait to return for more training.”

Graham | Beauty Level 3 & 4

“As a man trying to carve a career in a female dominated industry, I was obviously nervous, I needn’t have been. I was immediately made to feel very welcome. I thoroughly recommend the Clinical Academy to anyone who wants to pursue a career in Permanent Make-Up & Beauty. The perception of beauty doesn’t have to be masculinised or feminised - it’s just a great industry.”

Success Stories

Our Training Director is a great example of somebody who took the plunge into the micropigmentation industry. 12 years ago Naomi was divorced with 2 young children trying to find her way to a job which paid well but gave her the flexibility to drop and collect the children and work when they were at school or after bedtime! She decided to invest in a permanent make up course. She had no previous business experience but after her training, Naomi's client base grew with recommendations to others. Clients came back for top ups and she managed to earn more than her old full time job! She had time to drop and collect her children & manage her time as a mum. Naomi believed in herself and didn’t give up!
Sarah worked in banking in London. She was tired of commuting, working long hours and desperately wanted a better quality of life. Giving up her high earnings was a big risk. Could she earn the same or more being self employed? She trained with us and worked hard to perfect her skills. Clients liked her straight forward approach and she built a loyal base of customers using her social networking accounts. Customer recommended their friends and her business grew. She has a better home, a nicer car and has more disposable income! She hasn’t looked back!