Have you ever looked at a stunning full impact liner and thought ‘I wish’!  Well dream no more…The reality to be able to offer your clients ’that’ liner is here in the UK.

The Clinical Academy are counting down the weeks to the arrival of the Badass Liner training team, when we will get the chance to host three trainers teaching three types of liner over three days! 

We wanted to take the opportunity to introduce the trainers and the eyeliner technique that they each bring to the training table.

Will Anthony -  Will is known for his soft smoky eyeliner.  Maximum impact with minimum trauma and keeping it sexy AF!

Teryn Darling - Teryn's signature eyeliner is the Edge and Wedge.  Creating an impact with a wedged liner with an edgy finish keeping the result ver ’now and funky’.

Amber Guthery - Amber and her eyeliner are all over social media right now.  She creates stunning latino eyeliners that never fail to wow.  This has earned her the title of The Eyeliner Queen!

And together they make the BADASS LINER TEAM.

Bringing their wealth of experience, tried and tested techniques and guidance to their training on 26th March to 28th March hosted by us at our head office training centre in Portsmouth.   We will be sure to keep you up to date with the progress of all the artists as the training progresses via social media photos and videos.

For further information on upcoming dates please contact The Clinical Academy on 0333 7777 689