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Shocking Permanent Make Up Needle Test

Here at Clinical Academy, we took five minutes out of our busy routine to show you the importance of checking the quality of your tools. 

We have decided on this occasion to check and compare the quality of two different brands of needle cartridges. 

The needle on the left, is a brand of needle cartridge that we stock, while the needle on the left is a brand that we do not stock for obvious reasons.  

Whether it be to test how sturdy and durable the needles are, to how well they hold the permanent makeup pigment, we were shocked with the results!


Needle Testing 


For clients, undergoing a beauty treatment that involves permanent makeup needles such as advanced permanent eyeliner and permanent lip treatments, this can be a scary time! 

As an experienced and trained practitioner, it is your job to calm and squash any fears that they may have. 

To do so, knowing the procedure inside out, being skilled and being confident in the quality of your permanent makeup needles are all essential for skilled technicians. 

To understand what makes a quality needle cartridge and to be confident in the quality of your chosen needles, we recommend taking a few minutes to conduct a much needed needle test. 

Why you should check your makeup needles?


There are many reasons that you should consider testing the quality of your needles. Whether you are wanting to check that they are able to perform for the intended role, to making sure that they are durable. As practitioners, we should all get into the habit of checking the quality of our equipment. 

With different permanent makeup needles featuring a different inner band, when testing the quality of your needles, you can discover which band is best suited to your requirements. 

With advances and progress being made all the time in the development of materials, by spending a few moments every so often to conduct a needle test, you can be confident in your choice of equipment. 

Taking the time to test your needle quality, could highlight faults in your permanent makeup needles that you would be unaware of until it was too late! With the number of counterfeit and faulty needles available on the market, being confident in your needle of choice is paramount now more than ever. 

How to conduct a needle cartridge test? 


  • Take your chosen needle of choice and dip it the needle into the PMU pigment.
  • Bounce your needle up and down onto a covered, flat surface, we recommend for a couple of minutes.
  • If the pigment has leaked from the bottom of the needle when bouncing, you can be confident that when used, this needle can lead to blood and cross contamination of your client.
  • If the needle also shatters or cracks under the pressure of bouncing, you can also be confident that they will be unable to handle the pressure of the task required.


Buying PMU needles from Clinical Academy


If you are a practitioners wanting to purchase only the highest quality of needles, or perhaps you do not have the time to conduct these tests for yourself, remain confident in your needle cartridge of choice.

When you purchase your needles from Clinical Academy, you can be confident that all our stocked permanent makeup cartridge needles have been chosen for their quality and durability.

All needles sold on our website are tested to the highest standards and have been tested multiple times for a guaranteed performance. 

You will also find that our needles stocked are all officially licensed, such as the Vertix Nano Needle

For beauty practitioners wanting a compatible needle cartridge that can work on a selection of machines and grips, look no further than the sleek Quartz Cartridge Needles, while the Micro PMU Acupuncture Needles are perfect for permanent lip and eyeliner treatments as well as eyebrow treatments.


Hopefully after reading why and how you too can conduct a needle test for yourself, you now understand the importance of a superior permanent makeup needles.

Taking only a few minutes to complete, by putting the time aside to conduct this needle test, you too can be confident in the quality of your needles for peace of mind.

When it comes to needle quality, don’t take the risks and conduct a permanent makeup needle quality test today.