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Tones of Permablend Pigment Stand
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PMU - Advanced & Masterclasses

Are you looking to develop and improve your permanent makeup skills with a permanent makeup course? For those practitioners wanting to touch up on their PMU skills, then look no further than our Advance and PMU Masterclasses here at Clinical Academy.


Naomi talks about what you can expect in our Permanent Make Up Advanced & Masterclasses and help you to decide whether this PMU course is right for you. 

Allowing you to discover new and exciting permanent make up treatments, when booking a permanent makeup course, we offer one day, as well as 8 week and 6 month courses. 


What will you learn in our PMU Course?

When you book our permanent make up course at Clinical Academy, you can remain confident that you will walk away, more skilled and experienced!
Learning from only our skilled practitioners, throughout your time with us, you will learn about Combination Brows, 3D Brows and Branching techniques. 

Many of our students that visit Clinical Academy in Portsmouth choose to bring their own machines, learning how to get the best out of them and use them to the fullest. 


Combination Brows

For those wanting to brush up on their combination brow skills or discover this useful new skill, our artists are here to teach you this valuable skill. When completing a combination brow for a client in you practice, through the use of both hair-stroke and ombre effect, you can fill and create a defined brow. Filling the eyebrow with fine strokes, you can create definition, whether this being for a soft look or bushy eyebrows. 


3D Brows

The ideal PMU treatment for those seeking a natural and soft eyebrow effect. When conducting a 3D eyebrow tattoo treatment, as an artist you will create ultra-fine hair strokes alongside the natural hair of the eyebrow for a natural and realistic blend. Appearing to the client in the form of new eyebrow hairs, this illusion created through a 3D Brows treatment is a long lasting, natural option that adds depth and shading. Helping to create a proud set of eyebrows that shape the face. 

Branching Techniques

Another top skill that you will learn during your Advance and Masterclass training, will be Eyebrow Branching Techniques. From the additional of tiny, different brow strokes to the eyebrow, you can create a fluffy and fuller look. By adding new small strokes to the main hair, you can create a more natural and less obvious definition to the eyebrow.


Needle and equipment training

With a large selection of different permanent make up needles and equipment available, for those practitioners unsure of which make is best suited to their needs, our team can help.

Able to offer their skills and years of experience conducting permanent makeup and eyebrow treatments, our team can offer their views.

With a large number of different tools and PMU machines, our team can allow you to get first hand experience, before going back into the world as a trained PMU artist. 

If we have inspired and motivated you to develop your PMU skills with a permanent makeup course, or perhaps you have some questions that our experienced practitioners can answer, then do not hesitate to get in touch. 


Excited to share our specialist skills and pass on our eyebrow treatment knowledge, for more information, head over to our course page to discover more about our Permanent Make Up Advanced & Masterclass courses.