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Beginners Microblading!

Looking for a Microblading course? Beginner or Advanced ...we can accommodate you for training!

We offer both the VTCT and ABT accreditations here at The Clinical Academy. 

Why not try our Microblading for Beginners!

What is the difference between ABT & VTCT?

ABT (Associated Beauty Therapists) is an accreditation of your course certificate  that allows you to gain insurance and have confidence that your course has been acknowledged and approved. (£1750 ex VAT).

VTCT (Vocational training charitable trust) is an awarding body. Your certificate is an actual qualification, Microblading this will be at Level 4 VTCT. Some counties now require this as a minimum (call your council to check). You can use these credits gained during this qualification towards other certificates and diplomas.  Price is £2499.17 ex VAT).

All of our courses for beginner Microblading include a kit which is more than enough to complete the required portfolio. 

Why Microblading?

  • There are lower setup fees than with digital permanent make up as you have no machine outlay
  • Consumables are affordable (you can buy with us)
  • Clients love micro blading & it’s a growing UK trend
  • You can charge anywhere from £200 - £750 (in some London areas) for treatment
  • Ideal for those wanting to work with brows only (you can always move to digital machine micropigmentation later)
  • Not for all skin types – we will teach you how to advise your future clients
  • Customers need 2-3 treatments
  • Microblading lasts about 6-12 months then needs a maintenance treatment to keep fresh

Why not book your place today for microbladingtraining