Thrive Superblends
Goldeneye pigments
Thrive Superblends
Goldeneye pigments

Introducing Thrive Superblends (video)

We're super excited to introduce Thrive Superblends to our online shop; a new range of organic superfood powders that can not only improve your clients' health, but also your income.

The 6 blends in the 'S' range are:

  • Shield - to boost the immune system
  • Super - to boost overall health
  • Slim - to increase your metabolism & help achieve your weight loss goals
  • Skin - to give you gorgeous, glowing skin
  • Sleep - to help you relax and get a good night's sleep
  • Sweet - to help you feel energised with an anti-oxidant boost

Brought to you by esteemed nutritionist Denise Kelly the 6 blends in the range can be taken daily in the form of a smoothie or other healthy snacks to give you a nutritious boost. Try each blend separately or combine for a supercharged boost to your health. 

Learn more about the range in this video featuring Denise Kelly and our very own Naomi O'Hara:

Boost your clients' health and your income

Not only can these products help boost your clients' health, they can also increase your revenue. If you're not already signed up with us as a stockist, complete this short form and once approved, you'll be able to access our exclusive stockist prices on a range of products, enabling you to sell onto your clients at retail value for a healthy profit.

View the full 'S' range here

If you have any questions about the products in this range or need any tips on merchandising, please get in touch and we'll be happy to help.