Correction & Removal of Permanent Make Up

Want to Know How to Correct or Remove Tattooed Brows?


To be the best you can be in Permanent Make Up, I believe you have to be equally as good at correction and removal! 

The more popular that this treatment gets, the more likely it will be that your clients will arrive with previous work that you will need to take into consideration whilst planning their treatment.

Once you place your needle into your clients skin, that previous tattoo becomes your responsibility and potentially your problem!  When clients arrive without virgin skin we need to make decisions that could affect us for many years to come. So we have to really think before we treat.

The first question I ask myself during a consultation is, “is the previous work balanced”?  So many times I start to draw my template and discover one is very much higher or one of the tails are more rounded.   So this to me is definitely a removal treatment.

The next question I ask is about the colour of the brows.  Have they faded to an orange, a blue, a grey?  If so I will need to neutralise to make brown before I can leave to heal and then choose the colour I feel suits them best.

Colour corrections can be straight forward - but you need to know your colour theory and be confident that the amount of pigment in the skin isn’t over saturated and therefore going to over power your pigment.  If the brow is over saturated then removal or at least de-saturation treatment with removal is required.  This technique is the only option to get long lasting great results.

De-saturation can remove enough particles of pigment to allow you to colour correct and cover the unwanted hues.  It makes your job correcting so much easier and much more successful. 

Removal of PMU is effective and you can change someone’s life!  Unwanted PMU can be confidence destroying!  

The biggest issue with correction and removal treatment is education.  You need to be educated to be able to offer correction or removal of permanent make up.  However you will need to educate your clients.  They will need to understand why you need to correct or remove.  They will need to know what is likely to happen if you don’t.  

When you take the time to explain this to your client you show your professionalism and your knowledge.  You will also open up your clientele to clients who you would, without these new skills, have to turn away.  

There is not a more loyal client than that of one who has been disappointed elsewhere and then you have restored their confidence and faith in PMU.  PLUS the satisfaction to you is second to none.  

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